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Mediation can help promote peaceful agreements.


Divorce doesn’t have to be a courtroom battle. For couples willing to work together, mediation is a non-adversarial approach to reaching an acceptable conclusion to a marriage. Through this process, it may be possible to reach a resolution and submit your agreement to the court by affidavit without ever stepping foot in a courthouse.

As a mediator, I do not represent either party, nor am I the judge. Rather, I facilitate the negotiations. I am the “negotiation coach,” if you will. I will guide you through this process by breaking down your case into manageable parts–property division, debt division, child parenting time, child support, maintenance, attorneys fees, etc.

Mediation can be conducted with both parties in the same room or with the parties in separate rooms, with or without attorneys present. The hourly mediation fees can be split between the parties in some fashion, and have often been paid from marital or joint funds.

Mediation can save time and expense, but most importantly, it provides divorcing couples the opportunity to dramatically decrease negative interactions, take control of their own lives, and avoid making an already difficult situation even more painful.


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